Grundfos Jet Pump

Deep Well Grundfos Jet Pumps For Home Use

Grundfos jet pump, If you have a deep well for you home water supply and need a new pump, or if you are planning to drill a new deep well, you have probably been looking for information on deep well Grundfos pumps. These pumps are widely used in deep wells for good reason, they do the job well. This type of pump is submerged into the well itself and moves the water by means of a jet stream which creates sufficient suction to move the water to the surface.

When deciding on a new or replacement deep well Grundfos jet pump or submersible pumps, you first need to decide on how much water you need the pump to supply and what kind of water pressure you need. Pumps vary in capacity from about a hundred gallons per hour up to a thousand gallons per hour. If you are not sure on what rate you need, you can consult a plumber or one of the friendly workers are Home Depot or Lowes. Of course, you need to take any such advice with a grain of salt, and you your own research. If you are replacing a pump and the flow and pressure of the old pump was acceptable, then you can just get a pump of equal or greater capacity.

Some of the most popular brands of deep well Grundfos  jet pump or submersible pumps Grundfos Specifications and prices are widely available online. You might want to get the pump professionally installed to make sure you are compliant with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Grundfos Jet Pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps that pump water from shallow/deep wells into residences. Grundfos Jet Pumps are for shallow, deep well and booster Applications. These jet pumps are commonly used for light agricultural/industrial transfer applications and are suitable for domestic water supply systems. The Grundfos Jet Pumps are corrosion-resistant and must only be used to pump clean, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non explosive liquids free of solid particles or fibers.

The Grundfos  jet pumps basic line comes in three series:
1. JPF – Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pumps;
2. JPS – Shallow Well Jet Pumps with corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction;
Grundfos Shallow Well Jet Pumps are for wells 26 feet or less;
3. JDF – Cast Iron Deep Well Jet Pumps for wells up to 80′.

Grundfos jet pump also has a line of deep well ejectors to be used with the JDF series to evacuate air and other gases from connecting pipe.

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